Digital fundraising can take a lot of forms. This article is for those getting their feet wet and figuring out the next steps or who are wondering why what they have been doing isn’t working. Below are the key pieces for successful online fundraising.

First, What is Digital Fundraising?

For the purposes of this article, we’re defining digital fundraising as the process of raising funds online (you may also hear us refer to it as “online fundraising”). Digital fundraising can get increasingly complex as you gain experience, but for now, let’s start with a straightforward online fundraising campaign.

Step 1: Define the Campaign

Online fundraising campaigns need to be defined. Before doing anything else, define the goal, focus, and length of the campaign.

  • Campaign Goal: How much money are you planning to raise?
  • Focus of the Campaign: What will the money do? (Even if it is general operating, find a way to be specific (“Help us serve 100 families next year!”)
  • Length of the Campaign: How long will it run? We recommend between 30 and 45 days. This allows enough time to get traction, but not so much that the campaign gets stale.

Step 2: Build Your Content

Once the campaign is defined, time to build out the key pieces! Everything should include a call to action and a link to the campaign.

  • Campaign Page: Everything links back to this page! It should be easy to learn about the campaign and make a gift right at the top. Include a short, engaging campaign video (campaigns with videos are more successful!)
  • Emails: Craft emails to share with your audiences (not just donors!) throughout the campaign. Keep them simple and engaging. Plan to send at least one email a week and get creative to keep them timely and interesting.
  • Social Posts: Weave campaign-focused posts in with regular content and find ways to invite users to engage (beyond just making a donation). Make a plan for inviting supporters to promote the campaign on their personal platforms.

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It may be an online campaign, but you can still use in-person events to promote it!

Step 3: Plan Your Promotion

Now it’s time to get organized! Make a campaign calendar to orchestrate emails, social posts, and other outreach efforts like press releases. Plan for every stage of the campaign, not just the first week! (Trust us, you’ll thank us for this later.)

*Gladitood Pro customers, use the Campaign Promotional Calendar to tackle this step!

Step 4: Spread the Word & See It Through

Now that you’ve done all the work – it’s time to launch! Don’t get trigger shy now, follow the promotional calendar you created and spread the word about your campaign. It may be tempting to set-it-and-forget-it with a campaign – don’t do it! Keep the campaign top of mind – not just with donors, but with staff  and board as well. When the campaign is over, share a final thank you and recap of the campaign via email and social.

And, that’s it! After the campaign, review what worked and what didn’t to keep in mind for your next campaign.

Digital fundraising is a process, but can be a fun and valuable one! It is worth the time and energy put into it.

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