Fundraising Video Checklist

A stellar campaign video is a key component of your campaign. Not to worry – making your campaign video can be a simple process! Below is a simple list of items to keep in mind as you create your video.

_____  Do you have access to a smartphone? A smartphone is all the technology you’ll need to capture your video content. (Of course, if you have fancier equipment feel free to put it to use!)

Campaign pros always film in landscape mode.

_____  ALWAYS film your video with your smartphone in the LANDSCAPE position (Horizontal/Lengthwise).

_____  Open with the Narrator and have your organization’s logo appear at the bottom or to the side. Then, the narrator should be seen and heard for the opening, introductory portion. You can then have pics or video clips running over the narrator’s voice during the majority of the video. The narrator should reappear for the closing/thank you portion of the video.

_____  When considering the choice of a narrator, please keep in mind that they need to be warm, relatable and engaging. They need to have a pleasant disposition, speak clearly and deliberately and deliver your message in the most authentic manner possible.

_____  The narrator should never make it obvious that they are reading from a script. This only serves as a distraction to the viewer and pulls their attention away from your message. The more conversational the narrator can be, the better.

_____  Sound quality is a critical component to making a successful video. Make sure the person who is narrating the video is in a quiet, preferably small, space. Their voice needs to be heard crisp and clear. (Avoid recording in gyms, large rooms, outdoors, etc.)

_____  The most impactful videos are typically no longer than 3-4 minutes, so keep it simple, direct, and engaging.

_____  Music is  very impactful. If possible, incorporate some pleasant and mood appropriate background music into the video.

Working on your video script? Gladitood Pro customers can find the easy Campaign Video Script Template on the Build a Campaign tab in their Gladitood Portal.