Online Fundraising Campaign To-Do List

Congratulations! Your online fundraising campaign has launched and the fun has begun! Now what? Here’s a checklist for what you should be doing throughout the campaign to build momentum and reach your goal!

  • Email Board & Key Stakeholders and Ask Them to Give

The only people who should see “$0 Raised” are people who expect it. Before sharing the campaign publicly, send it to key stakeholders and ask them to make their gifts (ideally you have secured these pledges beforehand). These initial gifts will also help boost the success of Facebook Ad targeting. 

  • Email Donor Segments

Once 5%-10% of your goal has been donated, send out emails to your segmented lists inviting them to give.

  • Regularly Post on Social Media

Share the campaign across social media platforms to drive traffic to the page. Aim to post at least once a week about the campaign. Weave campaign-focused posts in with regular content. Mix it up and get creative so the campaign posts are not redundant. Be sure to highlight milestones (“we’re halfway there!”).

  • Send Follow-Up Emails

Continue to engage your network regarding your campaign. Find interesting reasons to send updates. These can be milestones (“we’re halfway there!”), giving challenges (“every donation made today will be matched!”), or invitations to share the campaign (“send this campaign to five friends who also love puppies!”).

Celebrate throughout your campaign – and invite other to as well!

  • Celebrate & Strategize

A key piece of enjoying a fundraising campaign is to celebrate success the entire way. Check in with your staff about campaign momentum regularly (we suggest weekly) and maintain a positive posture. If the campaign is slow, invite your crowdfunding team to a fun brainstorm about getting attention.

  • Plan Your Final Push

Regardless of how the campaign goes, plan for a final push. Ideally this is an in-person event a day or so before the campaign ends. Bring together people who are close to the campaign (5-10ish people). No need to get fancy – a bar or coffee shop will work just fine. Spend 30 minutes emailing, texting, and posting about the campaign. After that, relax and celebrate (regardless of where the campaign is at). Keep a computer open so you can watch for new donations coming in.